Laetitia 2

Continuation of the story about a dumb, but sexy woman who refused help. I remind you that her van penniless down and the dude was delivered by her . Dude invented vengeance. He took a buddy and they alerted the doll. They stripped her. The damsel is entirely nude. Now's the time for bondage & discipline torture. The dude will strike the doll with wires along with her cootchie and tits leaving blood-soaked marks on her assets. Duvushka screams in pain, but this is the beginning of the implementation. From the walk is a hammer that uchak fucks pink labia. The doll is ready to faint from the ache, however, the dude resumes to tease her. He certainly produces this enjoyment. If you enjoy games where you want to torture women, then you are going to like this game. Let's start playing.

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