Adventure High

Adventure High [v 0.44]

Even a small eortic game that has obtained a great deal of fun things together to grant you with a unique experience - prepare to become the student of a magical college where each and everyone will learn how to use his special powers so as to achieve whatever he needs. Your bounty is the ability of manage (what exactliy it is and how it works you will figure out throughout the game) that you're likely to learn how to use while researching many floors of this world. However, what is? As stated by the game it's as much hump as possible (and as you are playing this game on hentai themed website it is not so much from the truth) therefore do eveyrthing you can to attain it. But be cautious at the exact identical time - there'll be only one great finish for the story and two endings that can be deemed as"game over".

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