Arabian Dream

This game is a well known narrative story about Aladdin and his magic lamp only told in abit different manner - maybe not so accurate to the story but with lots of hentai hook-up scenes instead! Story commences with skimpy boy Aladdin sitting n the seat and jerking away while dreamng about... no, not even the princess but sandy-haired mermaid! But why wasting yoru timing on elementary dreaming when you have a magic lamp? By the way, this genie is also quite hot looking chick... but lets get back to the narrative. So he calls his out genie and following some short evaluation (consisiting of only one question) he is about to tell her his new wish. However, will not be baly to grant it? Let us find out together! To progress thru the game just use available act buttons you will see on the screen to enjoy different animation !

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