Amy Wong

Futurama Sex

Game based on the toon Futarama. In it you may see the personalities of Futarama in spicy conditions. However, to do this you'll have to use your own brains. So on the screen you see several pairs of the cards. Click on any card and you will understand its switch roles side. There will be a personality from Futarama. Now you will have to find precisely exactly the same card from the rest ones. As soon as you find a pair of identical cards, then they'll disappear from your keran. When all of the cards disappear you will understand a romp film with all the heroes of Futaram. You'll have just 10 minutes of time and trio attempts to eliminate cards from the screen. If you've fulfilled the requirements, then the game belongs to a fresh game level. The greater degrees in the game you go thru, the more twisted intercourse pictures from Futarama you can see. Let us embark the game now.

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