Fall Asleep Tsunade

Naruto truly like sto eat and he know sthat one of the best meals he could sget in Tsunade's palace. So following visting her tonight as usual got himself one awesome dinner dinner and also wa son his solution to Tsunade's area to thank her for it once he discovered Tsunade already sleeping... while her incredible assets has been barely covered! Overfilled with a power from the food that is swallowed he knows on what he will invest it - he is going to use the opportunity and finally fuck this blonde cougar with big tits which everyone else in Konoha village knows as Hokage! Combine Naruto within this brave attempt of getting hook-up and also help him through a few plain minigames if its necessary. And if you like hentai games about Naruto and his friends then don't forget to visit our site where you can always find lots of them!

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