baseball bat

Horny Cheerleader

Always wanted to stay alone with big-boobed cheerleader captain in the locker room? In this game this is exactly what's going to happen! Now when you're alone all you want to do would be to please this blond chick in the ideal way. Do not worry - she will state if you will do some thing incorrect or too early - this means you ought to try another one of active objects (there'll be three of them - your forearm your penis and also baseball bat) Or attempt to use on a different region of her body. If your actions are right then you are going to see her satisfaction level is getting taller. The longer it gets - the more excited she becomes. Here she is already allowing one to check if she's wearing panties or not... a little bit more and she gets into position to get fucked! This horny cheerleader can prize you well for treating her properly!

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