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Time Tramp 3

The main heroine of this game is very clever and very sexy looking scientist that likes to fuck a lot. But there is a difficulty - she resides in a distant future where there's slightly any fellows left (or those who left scarcely can sate her needs). So she determines to utilize the other side of her talents (she's a scienteist, reminisce?) And to build time machine so she could get back in time and meet with Tarzan! But the most arousing and joy part of the story begisn when something goes outside and wrong heroine somehow messed up the setting so instead of getting into jungle she completes up in old circus! But she does not seem to hurry up back in her own time after all in circus she still can get some athletic man with big device which will work superb for an extremely titillating personal perfomances... or at least she expects to!

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