Strip bowl

In the event you played with then this game is right for you. However, there's a smallish exception. This is a undress bowling. As in the old-school bowling game, your purpose is to hit the ball using the most quantity of hooks. If successful, the end outcome will likely be"Strike" and the frame will soon close. If any number of hooks remains following the first throw, then the ball is pitched a 2nd time. Of course in the game you have to look closely at the indicator at the base of the display. It shows the deviation of the trajectory of the ball to the left or to the right. First, select the perfect trajectory. Then throw the ball. If luck in your side then you get a hit. If you win the game, then the dame - your enemy will take off part of the clothing. You have to abandon her downright unwrapped and love her gorgeous figure and big tits.

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