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The Sex Therapist 7: Who is cheating?

The narrative of this hookup therapist and her customers can continue in sequence 7 that is titled as"Who is cheating?" . Therefore, if you have been after the arousing adventures (and some instances - misadventures) insid ethis sensual videoquest with actual models then you hav eno directly to miss this one. And if you have not played previosu vignettes then you better play them beofre you will be studying the description that is further as it might contain spoilers to the principal story. So as you will see in this vignette not only Jim visited the fuck-a-thon therapist but his wife as well! And she didi it because of her sapphic fantasies which has grown much stornger lately because of constant harasses from her manager. Will she get the help that she seeks and more significant how it will influence the marrage of heroes once the true will be uncovered? Play the game to figure out!

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