Commander Shepard

Tali Zorah DLC Mission

This game is still a really fine addition to"Mass influence" videogame trilogy for everybody who's building their romance lineup with Tali Zorah and in the same thinks that fuck-fest scenes with here were not enough. So within this parody game your only mission will be to fuck this promiscuous quarrian in all accessible ways for as many times as you will want to! Gameplay scheme is truly plain - like in the original game you'll have a conversation wheel at which you are able to select different options just here you will be picking not some dialogue lines but sexual positions in which you need to view Commander Shepard fucking Tali Zorah next. And as in the original game at a few scenes you will have to make a choice of being paragon or renegade type of personality. Days away Tali Zorah and how many pills will need following tonight?

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