Office pranks

This story occurred during the financial crisis and also the protagonist of this game dropped his job. What could he do to restore his position... let's find out at the moment. You functioned in an financial company for a long time. But there was a global financial crisis and also you have fired. Today you are unemployed. You are sitting in a small room in which it is hot. Open the fridge and drink a cold beer. A little disturbs you and you commence reading the newspaper. In it you locate an ad about work. You phone phone and the next day you come for an interview. You like the major building you are currently working on. You go inwards and see a bold and chesty secretary. Certainly there is a idea born in mind. You need to tempt the assistant to have fuckfest with her. To achieve this you have to pick the dialog choices that are best. Enjoy this intriguing flash game .

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