FT: Erotic Dream

Anothe rone excitng narrative. Just time it is going to be a story directky from the main hero's dream! And this is quite strange desire where he will find himself in some kind of garden. And that will be the moment you as a participant will take control over him. Your purpose will be to find an exit from this maze ofcourse. The game is made from first person perspective yet you will have. While searching for an exit you will also get the chance to cram up your collection of hentai photos along the way. Pretty soon you'll learn that you aren't the only person trapped in this labyrinth and since this can be happen to be quite super-cute looking hip chick with big orbs then most likely you might even have some dream sex with her...

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Fuck Town: Christmas Shopping

It's a day ahead of Christmas and our hero is going shopping to buy some gift to his little nephew. There he meets beautiful and hot store girl. The only thingthat he has in mind is to become nearer to that girl and fuck here succulent pussy.

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