Are you ready to dive right into romantic narrative that will include two girls as opposed to one. Actually one of them is going to become your stepsister jen - so don't plan too much about her. Another gilr is going to be the chick you kinda enjoy and her name will be Sarah. The genre of th egame is visual novel. Which means most o fthe time you will be liking uber-cute backrounds, sweet looking chracaters and a great deal of dialogs. However from time to time there will be a few vital points of the story when you aill have to make a selection. Some of them will hardly affect on something however some will be defining on the way the story will end. If yo not into studying too much that you may skip all the dialogs - they'll be jumped to the point where the coice must be performed (but it will be firmer to make the ideal choice if you don't have any clue what female is speaking with you around)...

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