guess the word

Strip hangman

In this interactive flash game that you may play a game called"Hangman." Let's look at the game screen. To get started, you have to select the lady you're likely to play . Each of the women are damn sexy and lecherous. Then you will find a new game screen. There'll be a female on the best, a set of letters in the middle, along with a gallows in the leftside. Your mission in this game is to guess the word by simply clicking on these letters. If you guessed the correspondence, then what is fine. And then this letter will emerge in the encoded word. But should you make a mistake, then part of the little man is added to the gallows. First gams, then arms, chest and head. You have to guess the word before the small individual is entirely drawn. And one more thing - if you win, you will understand a striptease in the woman with whom you play with this game. Let us begin playing at this time.

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