Library Meeting

City Library. A bookworm reads books and thinks about hook-up. It's too late and there are no individuals in the library. Dude is about to leave but hears some type of rustle. The books are being cleaned up by this library supervisor. That is an adult girl with large tits and a round donk. She loves poetry. Therefore you're given a opportunity to tempt this dame to have intercourse with her. You have to use the objects that you view at the right of this display. Take a publication with poetry into your palm. Then begin masturbating the gal's arms with a book and murmur poems in her ear. Mm . . You see the index of delight begins to cram up. The doll becomes more magka and you also take off her miniskirt and half-shirt. Oh Gods. You have never seen such big melons. Start massaging them with a pencil. And fuck this buxomy beauty on the library table. Do it.

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