Video HiLo 2

How about a card game in which you cans ee hot nymph unwrapping as a decoration for winnning? This time it is going to be the game of Higher-Lower. You and your hot blonde opponent will both get dealed with one card. Wat you will need to do following is ordinary - you have to geuss will the next card be lower or higher than the one that you got dealed last time. So will your opponent. In case you gues straight and she is wrong 0 you will see her carrying off one of her clothing components! Plus it will not be any graphics or photosets - this game employs actual vid with real erotic version unwrapping for you! From the way in the left bottom corner of the playing screen you will see the thing of her clothing you're playing in every round! Straightforward gameplay and hot damsel unclothing - do you indeed need soemthing else?

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