Jaime Lannister

Adventures of Jaime Lannister

When you have followed all these exicting adventrues exhibited in"Game of Thrones" TV series then scarcely you may suprised by lovemaking scenes inbetween Jaime and Cersei Lannister and for many this may the reaosn to meet favorite characters once again! Particularly since the occasions shwon in this parody game will probably likely be concentrated on fuck-a-thon scenes even more... yet before you may get to the main joy you'll have to pass on the brief quiz evaluation about the events of the first series which is going to show how much a fan you actually are. The intercourse scenes will have few interactive elements and that is also fairly important you could have as much time as you want to enjoy them before getting to another one - the choice that is fairly helpful for a game with such great looking artstyle.

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