Karyukai Part 1

This is only a first-ever part of Akimi's adventures in Japan. Therefore, in case you will enjoy then do not leave behind to look at our website for some different scenes. And now a bit of introduction narrative. Akimi has only graduated the college and today she is on her way into Japan. Do you know her plans ? Well, it may sound unusual but she indeed wants to dip right into the key and inviting world of Geisha. And she got lucky - the gal that owns the place where Akimi will live is ready to instruct her a whole lot about it. Can Akimi find what she is searching for an dhow profound her searching will deliver her? This is soemthing you will discover only by playing the game! And yet another thing - in case if you get stucked in some scene or sequence only type in the term JAPAN and you will get a hint on what to do next.

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