League of legends

Huntress of Souls

Being tasked by your Guru to assassinate the Eye of Twilight ought to happen to be a good honor. But instead, fear washed over you. The previous disciple to be given this assignment never came back. Rumors were abound of a mythical fox spirit guarding the steps to the temple. But surely these were merely old wives' tales? The fox has been the stuff of legends, cooed to select the form of a gorgeous young girl to catch the spirits of unwary guys. At nighttime, it was stated to cavort with all the animals of the forest to satisfy its desires. This type of monster belongs in fairy tales, not fact... and yet you were uncomfortable. You gulped your fear, and started the climb. CREDITS Manager: Darkcrow Producer: Rorschach Modeling: LTR , Primer Environment: LTR, Stonemason Animator: Moneyshot Cum: Qwert Ahri played by Rollu Storyboard: beamwire Story: Mr Kristoff Music: Jack Wall - (Jade Empire OST) Thank you to each of our Patreon supporters who shopped to Ahri, you guys made this project happen! Also let you Rollu to be very patient throughout the entire year - this took nine weeks to grow but we've got there in the end!

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Miss Fortune’s Booty Trap

Animation for this a mini-game. Get laid with a pirate woman. In fact her can turn to additional personalities - look for items. Pick gender mode - anal or vaginal and love.

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