Legend of Lust


This game will introduce to you young demoness named Hottie. And thsi game is a part of bigger job knownas"The legend of Lust" so if you will love playing this short game don't forget to check to the total game later! Now to Hottie. She is a succubus that she might need to fuck every person to receive their own life juices. And just how is she really going to fuck her next victim? Here is something whichyou could determine! But first you can customize Hottie a little bit - switch her udders size or pubic hairstyle . After that she will ask you to fuck her from now you can select the way from clicking on icons on the left side of the screen, you need to fuck her. They are including classes of actions for ass-fuck orgy, vaginal lovemaking and teasing! Just attempt them all and find your dearest manners!

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