Franks adventure 2

Frank is back in town for more adventures! The match starts after fourteen days which Frank has rescued BoobsIllustrated (should you'd like to learn how he did it afterward you will need to play very first portion of the game before playing with this one) and resembles that his vacation is over for now since his aid is demand in other town! You will be playing as Frank and once you'll get your education from boss in principal office youwill visit the city streets. Here you're free-for-all to learn more about the town where you can meet various characters and locate useful objects that you might have to complete some quests. But your primary goal will be exactly the same - attempt and talk as far ladies as possible to give you their sexy photographs that you will afterwards resell to magazine. But be carefull every time you'll be crossing the street - there's qute a visitors these days!

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