Mind Conquest 0.05

Invite links, mad chicks, planet dominators and filthy thoughts that reside in their heads - in case you ready to dive into these then you are ready to play"Mind Conquest" hentai game. Actually the story commences right afte ryour first attempt of finding the manage over the world wind up with a epic fail. So epic that today to do anything whatsoever you'll need to use someone else. And this is where your psychic abilities becomes veyr easy - shoot manage over some sexy chick and join your minds together so you could constructed new empire using your knowledges along with her sexiness! Ofcourse having two monds in one head may bring some problems from time to time however in the event you will learn how to treat them afterward it will be more fun. And be patient - that this game may tae a while to upload.

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Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.02)

When the wicked witch is making her strike nobody can be secure... even lovely and sexy cosplayers who collected to have some fun in the pokemon themed tradition! Rather than having fu and pleasure that they will be cursed by the witch and receive beneath her posession! What is going to be with the planet today? Nothing good probably unless some enthusiast and his fellow great mage companion can save the day by helping nice cosplayers and battling against naughty cosplayers at the hallways of conference centre. And since you probably already guessed this brave hero will be you! Ofcourse in the process you may harm (and sometimes quite seriosly) amazing outfits of all of the hot cosplayers which will get on your way but thsi is just likely to mak ethis escapade muchmore titillating!

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