Map strip

Always dreamed about impressing your geography teacher with your understanding of world map that she abandoned you after courses and demonstrated you few uncharted zones of her physique? In this sport you can accomplish this with two of these! Not at precisely the same time ofcourse - you'll need to select one of two. One of them is young miss O'Lovely - she seems to be teaching not quite long time so that she still goes simple in questioning her pupils. Or you may select older miss Marie - she has seen a lot of naughty boys during her career so that she is going to be questioning you that the difficult way. But regardless of which of them you will select your task is going to be to find the countires teacher will inquire about the map. Every time you'll give the ideal response it will create your teacher more and more sexy... and more and more nude ofcourse! But in the event you'll make 3 errors you will be dissmissed instantly...

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