My Hot Cousin [XXX Complete Minigame]

This interactive game tells the story of a complicated relationship . So, the protagonist has a cousin that is alluring and beautiful. But the cousin is a bitch and a woman. So starts a new day and distant relatives come to you. Relatives are extremely hilarious people, and they joke a lot. You feel relaxed. But the cousin disturbs his sanity. It turns out she lost electronic documents. They must be found by you . Go up to the area and flip on the pc. Nothing was found by you. We get down to the dining room. Cousin is dissatisfied with your behavior. When everyone is sleeping, you'll be punished. . It will be bondage & discipline hump. Cousin unwraps and orders you to embark gobbling her tight cunt. And after that it is ready for ass-fuck foray. So find out how the story ended.

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