Miles Prower aka Tails

Sonic Transformed 2

Can you remember, obviously, the fast blue hedgehog named Sonic from the set of games from Sega? In this porno-parody, you will again meet with himthough, in a slightly different kind... This moment Sonic is a very appealing furry-girl, and now she accepted her friend with her an inexperienced and sweet foxy called Mails, but everybody calls her Tails because of the two tails. Now you've got a unique chance to sleep with these two beauties and organize with them an unforgettable threesome! Who'd have believed that Sonic and Tails had these enormous boobs and mouth-watering butt? Bright high-quality images and relaxing music to the background create the perfect setting, and favourite characters out of childhood bring nostalgia, and needless to say, in this form they look a whole lot more appealing, so do it!

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