Candy Shop – Mochi

To start with, you might know mochi as a certain type of rice candy or cake. However, our famous group of scientsist out of"Bo-Peep Candy" is going to turn this mochi into something way more exciting! The story begins with Andy becoming a box in the mail from his sis. She sends him those"mochi" that ofcourse gets all the attention from Excella and Tahli... and as we know this"ineterst" concludes up from producing new screwable chick from it! It may not have as much japanese flavour as you might have expected but you stil will have to get her through a series of interactive hump tests. Yet you are going to get some hentai themed surprises if you won't be racing and try all of available progarms... And don't leave behind to check our site for some other games out of this game collection!

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