Motoko Aoyama

Aoyamas Handjobs

Aoyama - big-titted black-haired in sexy swimsuit butt - is alwasy ready to look after the large boner in fornt of her... ahich that she most likely has caused in the first-ever location! And now she is ready to do that for you. So just sit back and relax while Aoyame (already bottomless by how!) Can do every thing by herself while all that is required from you is to present her directives how will you sense in the minutes and what she needs to concentrated at next. The ultimate purpose and the only method to win would be to make the pleasure meter to reach it's maximum point sooner than the pressure meter which you can do by simply shifting distinct deeds by the list (including few types of handjobs, oral jobs and muff masturbation) in the proper moment. Besides game mode observe mode is also avaialble.

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