reflex game

Encounter with Akali

To start with you can enjoythis game in 2 modes - actually the game and a set of hentai animations from it. With the 2nd mode it is all clear but if you want all the fuck-fest scenes was some sort of rewarded for you fo rcompleteing the challenge you undoubtedly should choose the very first one. The game is made up of few levels where you will need to not only face Akal (from popular videogame"League of Legends" yet in the event you haven't played this will not be an issue) but to get through her attacks long ! It'll require quite good reflexes and mouse wielding abilities from the player and though it's possible you will not have the ability to treat Akali in the first-ever attempt. But if you doenjoying orgy scenes with here will be way mor epleasing, don't you think so?

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