It pays the rent

Somewhere in Town. Ordinary building, normal room. In it you see the bedroom. On the couch lies a huge-titted blond. She does morning onanism. Someone knocks on the door. This holder of the palace came to get currency for renting an guest room. Charlie has no cash but she provides a different way. Charlie will have hook-up with the proprietor of the palace and he will not demand payment for housing. So it's possible to choose three options for fuck-fest scenes. In one of them, Charlie will give a dude a deep blowage, in the other, Charlie will fuck with a dude like a inexpensive whore, and you need to observe the choice yourself. When Charlie has intercourse, the game will continue because at that moment her friend named Kristen came to Charlie. Maybe you will see wild group sex? Let us commence the game and find out.

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