Queen’s Blade – Listy

Listy from famous anime show"Queen's Blade" isn't only plucky warrior and adventurer but also fairly curvy and fuckable ginger-haired chick and with the second facet of her personality this manga porn parody game is going to concentrate. The story so much - after succesfully completing another 1 quest she is celebrating with her fellows in the tavern however later there was also too much alcohol drank what got a little bit out of control and the soiree has turned into gang-bang soiree where hot redhead Listy is obviously the one who has gang-fucked... and this is where you are welcomed to combine the fun and take time with Listy in a streak of hentai scenes using inetractive elements that will allow you enjoy Listy's bod even more than if you were simply viewing a hentai cartoon!

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