rock paper scissors

Strip Shifumi with Ellie

This hot ginger-haired model's name is Ellie and she has two passions in her life - she likes to undress down and she loves to play simple games while doing it. How about you'll make her a company for tonight's game of shifumi? And yes, she will undress down for you if you'll be winning ofcourse! In the event if you like;t understand shifmi is truly teh like"rock-paper-scissors" game with teh same principles and same elements. All you will need to do would be to eone of these signs and every time you will win the round Ellie will strip down a little bit. All the game will be happening in a live-action vid mode which will provide with striptease minutes that are not amazing but also will add the proper atmosphere in the game even in those moment when you loose or you have a draw.

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