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Xmas Pay Rise

If you think being an elf in the North Pole is joy and tunes all of the time then think again - it's hard work most of the year! Therefore no wonder that one day that our good old friend Sparky (you might remeber him kind other xmas themed hentai games from"Meet and fuck") determines to talk about raising the payment. However, when he comes to see that the huge manager he meets mrs Santa there who is beginning normal talkings about financial crisis and other blah-blah. Yet she is tryong to find a compromise with Sparky and also... shows her awesome and really large breasts! Trick works fine - Sparky fully leaves behind about his requesting of a pay rise and only thing he is thinking about is how good these jiggly melons will rebound! This is the point the place where the collection of minigames commences and together with Sparky you'll see quite magic flash too!

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Fuck Friends

This animation is a funny porn-parody of this super-popular TV series "Friends", which is known to everybody! This time we will see the heroes out of the flip side, because absolutely everybody in this animation tirelessly wants to have sexual intercourse with one another! From the cartoon there are lots of jokes and funny circumstances, good voice acting and high-quality bright animation. At certain points, the player is provided a selection of many porn scenes which you're able to watch, and that means that you may match the game several times to view them all. You'll discover a whole lot of sexy sex scenes like anal and vaginal sex, orgies, handjob and blowjob, pussy licking, dildo and lots of other stuff, so enjoy! And if you'll look carefully, you may note that this animation involves one quite well-known at a porn company blonde... At the conclusion of the movie you can reconsider certain moments to select from, or begin all over again in the very beginning.

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Masha is facing a time - her refrigerator is her wallet as well as empty. Butsomehow she must feed her infant. So she steals the milk and goes to the shop. She has caught and would be punished in front of city.

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