Abduction 4 – Amanda – 3rd Day

Amanda's Abduction Day trio. This is an interactive sadism & masochism flash game with elements of violence where you may fuck and humiliate a chesty dark-haired whose name is Amanda. So look at the game display. Then choose one of the six game-playing animated orgy scenes. And then love the barbarous dude pounded by force Amanda in her coochie and bum. And the same makes the gal gulp his dick and suck hairy nuts. Amanda sobs from ache and dehumanization, but she cannot fight back the rapist. And he commences to use fucky-fucky fucktoys and BDSM objects to fuck Amanda rudely and more. He wants to make an urine wc out of the mouth of Amanda. This game in case you like. Let's embark demeaning Amanda.

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