school girls

Sexizu Sylvia

In this game you may have your opportunity to be a school bore at last! But not just some dorky usual bore - you will be the bore who is lucky enough to help other students. Andthis make syou blessed? Because among theem will be Sylvia - most likely the greatest cheerleader ever! At very first-ever you will have to find a common language - you most likely know that cheerleaders and dweebs are not always get along with each other. But if you will find the right answers that will help you to increase this dame's mood she will come t your place afterwards for a while. Of what? Of math ofcourse! Yep, being a bore means you will have to solve math tastsk - this component of the game is fairly close to reality. And do the other howmework also! The difference with ereal lifestyle is your answers that are right will let you to visit Sylvia naked!

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