sex dungeon

Dungeon Sex Slave Level 4

Part 4 of an interactive flash game about a beautiful nymph who fell into a dark and scary labyrinth. Mirrors suspend in the walls of the maze. A beautiful dame with big watermelons, a face is the heroine of the game. How can you get here. To find a way out of this massive labyrinth. Use the arrow buttons to browse the maze. Sometimes you will date other ladies. They're preggie and surrounded by some unusual mucus. The gate was secured. You will need to discover the key. You hear panting behind your back. You turn around and see a monstrous green monster with a large prick that looks at you angrily and perversely. He wants to grossly rape or to either kill you. Kill the creature and continue your hunt for a way out. Save the nymphs from the slime and they will give you bonuses. Then they will kill me and then kill you if you get caught. Locate your exit today.

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