Sex Kitten

Sex Kitten – Megamart

"Sex " is a set of fun and at times crazy hentai themed games in which you have a neko-girlfriend who is trying to fuck up you every day. But this time you seem to be lucky - even though there's an eve of Valentine's day she has her very own shit to do this she's left you... but do not hope nice and quiet rest - she has left someone else to fuck your day up so that you would not relieve too far! So there is a Valentine day shortly so now you are likely to this megamart... and finallygot locked in there! Even more - to discover a way out you will need to discover a map (!) Which is composed of nine unique pieces (!!) And getting all thes epieces will become deadly pursuit (!!!) . Well, the sexy anime girls and quiz minigames are contained so if this isn't your very first-ever rodeo with Slutty McSlut (or her replacement) you understand exactly what you have to do.

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