Jordan 500

Are you ready to experience fresh sexual venture from"Lession of Fire" studios? Since Jordan is prepared! And from how Jordan is this huge-boobed blonde which youmight even have hookup with if you'll play the story directly... Jordan was a country dame but in her diminutive town she has achieved everthing she'd. To have succes any finer than dating football player of a local team she will need to pass check-ups and ultimately budge to the big city. But to do so she will need to make few important decisions and this is where she may employ your aid. In case in the event that you still didn't get why there is number of 500 from the name then we've got an explanation - you already missed 499 vignette sof fuck-fest with Jordan... or else she's just a mega-bitch whose survices cost 500 bucks a night.

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