various ending

Alice – Erection Race

Did you ever desired to take part in election race for a place of senator? Then you can attempt to do in this game! And your assistant will be Alice... who'll do everything to reverse this"election" race to"erection" race as it had been mentioned in the name. However, you can attempt and never to fall below her charms in this game you will have a lot of choices on your way which in final will define which one of many (! )) Endings you will get! Game is well made and has nice 3D established artstyle that you most likely have aseen in different games fom"Lesson of Passion". So waste no longer and wih this election race or possess a great deal of hot fuck-a-thon with your sexy helper... or are you'll be tricky enough to receive all that at once? Well, you should attempt and have some fun!

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