Virtual Girlfriend

Sex Paradise: Virtual Girlfriend Jenna

If for one of the pradaise is the place you can fuck sexy blonde tart then you'll discover some heaven in this upcoming sensual game! Meet Jenna. She is a sexy looking blonde that you know from high school times. And also to remeber those fantastic old time you and your buddy Mike determine to pay her a visit. Seems like she got very horny while she had been awaiting you since at the moment that you come in the door she is prepared to hop from her clothes! However, what exactly she will do next is really up to you now - from the second game starts Jenna will go after your instructions which you could type at the bottom region of the screen. As instruction for Jenna you can use these words like skirt, bootie, oral, fellatio, vaginal, anal invasion, rear end, double and eventually you'll reach the last scene (to do so you will need to cram up her enjoyment meter at demanded level very first).

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