Claire: the Exchange Student

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Tis is a narrative about Kendra – sexy looking woman who is currently within her student years. Getting thru all possible chaklenges of the years will be your main goal in this game. Ofcourse the simple fact that Kendra has her very own appartment facilitate things up for her a little bit… and becomes a reason for even greater summons. And the fattest of them will probably be Claire – exchange student from abroad that now will live in her location. Claire gets superb figure and dirty mind so fairly briefly her visit may turn Kendra’s usual pair of lifestyle upside down. But who knows – could be this what Kendra was missing all of this time? Throughout teh game you won’t only love decent story and amazing hump scenes created out of 3D images but also make a few choices that can bring you to one of few diverse endings. Ofcourse you are welcomed to try and unlock all of them.

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