GWL3 I wanted to name this one after a Talking Heads album

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Because the game is a numebr ‘3’ in it’s title it is obvious that Hayley is back. No matter what has happened before this beautiful blonde beauty is still ready to take on the world of professional wrestling with not only her sports related abilities but also her other talents’ as well! Did you realize that we’re talking about her beautiful bodycurves, and her willingness to make use of them whenever she needs to in order to follow her main dream? Make sure to be aware that her talents will be utilized frequently when it comes to third games. The stakes are generally higher, so don’t be shocked if sexy Hayley will be fucked 3 times more frequently and 3 times harder… and that she will enjoy the whole thing in triple of course! Also, if you’ve not previously played games, you are advised to search for them on our website prior to beginning this one.

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