Katarina: The General’s Daughter

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Damn interesting 3D hookup flash game. The character of the game is the daughter-in-law of the general. Her name was Katarina du Coto, was created in one of the very notable and respectable Noxus families and absorbed a sense of excellence along with her mommy’s milk. Katarina is a killer of the maximum class. But for her there is a punishment. She had been caught by enemy soldiers and had intercourse torment. Katarina will pay for her misconduct with her body. On the ideal side of this display there is a panel for selecting an interactive romp scene. As an instance, anal hookup. Just click with your mouse and you will notice a soldier fucks Katarina in her cock-squeezing rump. Fat man meat rips a damsel in half. There is the possibility of choosing an extra scene. By way of instance, dual intrusion. Click and you will observe just two soldiers fuck Katarina within her cootchie and booty at precisely the exact same time…

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