Living with Lana

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New story about bang-out and relationships form"Lession of Fire" studio - this time you will learn how it is to live with Lana. By the way Lana is youthful hot looking blonde student. One day at the university she meets Douglas. He was merely passing by but it was too tough to pass indeed short microskirt of Lana's uniform. So she tried to get her attention... and he got it! After few date sthey even decide to live together. But here iw when the problems begin - Lans comes out of the prosperous family and Doug... well, not prosperous at all. So now he will have to find ways not only to secure more currency to pay the half of rent but also will take care of Lana's other needs. Simple but yet still very interesting simulator of very first days of tegether living with a hot and reach girlfriend - dare to try?