Lucky Patient

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In this game you will be enjoying as Mr Johnsosn who happened to enter health center on some unlucky day… or was it his lucky day – becuse never he got a lot of focus from not just one but two oriental chicks. Even if they are doc and nurse. But since this is a hentai game fairly soon you’ll find out that Mr Johnson is fine and doctor needs to check just 1 thing in the – ending the one whichhe has to pull his panties down! This is where you may find out that this cute and big-titted nurse is also fairly slutty – in the moment because she sees that big fat spunk-pump she is able to think about nothing else! Nurse will treat Mr Johnson boner and get ready it to the main process… which sexy medic will gladly join! If you like sexy nurses move insatiable right in their working position then you need to attempt this game right now!

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