Lucky TV Repairman

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Being a TV repairman in the worl dof anime porn games has exactly the same perks as being a plumber in porno movies – onc eyou get the job done sexy looking client will repay in a very special ways! And today your client is lonely ginger-haired who doesn’t like to put on clothes when in your home. From how you won’t actually have to repair anything – it will all be performed behind the scene (sorry to everyone who was expecting some puzzle minigame or anything like this). All that you need to do to progerss thru the game is to pick one of dialog lines until this red-haired cutie will have sex with you! And do not worry – in case if you’ll pick the pickup line you do not have to restart the game and just opt for a different one! More games regarding careers which can lead to sex you can find on our wensite.

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