Meet’N’Fuck: Magic Book

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This interesting and joy flash game tells the story of a school book worm whose name is Sherman Duffy. Somehow into the library, Sherman clicked after school to read a clever book. Unexpectedly Kimberly and Jeff come up. Sherman is in love with Kimberly. But the impudent Jeff always beats Sherman and humiliates him. Definitely must change the situation. A strange and outdated book falls upon Sherman’s head. Sherman reads the title -“Book of Spells.” Wow . . Sherman is studying a book and understands that he can switch his fate. The book has many mind manage spells. Sherman Duffy avenge Jeff for many insults, as well as will make all of his desires are fulfilled by Kimberly. So vengeance embarks. You have to assist Sherman inside this issue. Find out the continuation of the story right now.

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