Metroid: Shoot to Strip

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During a space expedition, a chesty blonde named Samus Aran got on a spaceship. Gravitational seals were all of a sudden triggered and Samus Aran was still trapped. She was chained to the wall. The ship's captain steps out of the shadows and smiles viciously. Samus Aran is in his ability and the fun is about to begin. First you need to cut the suit off Samus Aran. To do this, shoot a blaster at the suit and its parts will disappear. Heck. Samus Aran is entirely naked and her big watermelons will capture your eye. Start fucking Samus Aran in her pink cooter over and over again so that the female achieves vaginal pleasure. Then turn Samus Aran around and fuck her in the chocolate eye. You will love this. So let's start the game and find out what will happen next.