Pussymon: Episode 25

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Wel, men we are in the middle of 2nd dozen of Pussymon saga epsiodes but don’t worry – this is far not the end! So if you liked your former adventures in this world crammed with colorful characters, humor and ofcourse sexy pussymons then there is no need to stop for you either – just hit th eplay button and begin your fresh travel right mow! By the way 25th episode is titled as”Mysterious island”. And how it is fairly obvious form the vignette’s title here you will get the chance not to travel by foot except to use a ship! And ofocurse the furthe ryou is going to probably be out of your homeland kingdom the more exotic pussymons you’ll have the ability to catch and increase your collection (new hot animations are also included). And don’t miss the next epsiode which is going to have even fatter storyline than this one!

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