Pussymon: Episode 27

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During a lot of former adventures in Pussymon Saga you have already seen the Greenwood Farm and if you have liked this visit then you are going to enjoy this – already 27th at the series – gig much more since you are likely to reteurn here once again to assess Sarah and Bullseism will be going. Yet in case you feel this will be some type of reus eof the previous materials then you’re worng – actually this is eaisly among the biggest scenes so far in both story and new content amount such as 28 new animations to try, 8 new pussymons to catch, 14 new key quests along with 15 fresh side quests to conclude and one good old character from the previous experiences to match! Additionally there will be one easter egg which you can find in the event you may look around Greenwood Farm enough.

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