Sex Kitten: HELL!!!11

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This is soemthing that you most likely were hoping all the time you were playing these games as Slutty McSlut’s boyfriend – this bitchy nekogirl has ultimately brought you to hell! The dilemma is that you can’t eliminate her requests however absurd or poor they are and once you hav etried it yet another time she has kicked (or is that has been a jolt?) You gay-for-pay into coma or something like that – Quite simply your next trip is going to be through Hell… meaning that here will be much more of mad and perverted characters than normal and they still will be having all the helpful items you will need to get from here. So attempt to correspond with them, complete their intimate quests or reaction their own quiz to receive those items (and some of anime porn content ofocurse)… if they won’t finish you first.

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